Looking for a Student Placement?

Students play an important role within The Teapot. The assistance they provide our centre is truly a help, we are able to do more because of these resources. 


If you are required to find a student placement within the not for profit or social services sector, we invite you to consider The Teapot. 


Please contact Tamara Peel at tamarap@theteapot.org to see what we can offer you and what your needs are.

The Teapot welcomes students from various High schools, CEGEPS and Universities. Schools that we have partnered with in the past include:


Concordia University

McGill University

Dawson College



CEA - Champlain

Lakeside Academy

Heures de travail

Lundi à vendredi:
8h30 - 12h00
13h00 - 16h00

Fermé pour le dîner entre

12h00 - 13h00


Adresse postale

2901, boulevard St Joseph

Lachine, Québec

H8S 4B7

Nous contacter

Téléphone: 514-637-5627

Télécopieur: 514-637-6444

Courriel: teapot@theteapot.org