Minibus "Shop with" service

  • A Door to door grocery shopping to a local IGA or Maxi store. Staff and volunteers are available to support with carrying bags and guiding members around the grocery store. The community Support Workers calls registered participants to give time of pickup. For reservations theses calls are made by 12:00 noon.   


Collective Kitchens:

  • The Collective Kitchen program is a wonderful program, which allows members to share nutritious recipes, maintain and learn new skills, make new friends, cook all together, and bring meals home. Registration is required through the Community Support Dept.

Seniors on the Move: 

  • Volunteer drivers accompany members to and from medical appointments. Taxi voucher coupons are available for medical appointments. *48 hour notice is necessary


  • The community Support Coordinator will visit to offer and explain in detail the information regarding The Teapot’s services and activities.  An initial visit to assess the needs of the potential members. 



  • If required, an assessment is offered following an Intake.  To support the individuals integration into the centre if there are concerns related to participating.  The Community Support Work will visit the potential member to help with the integration process. 


Friendly Visits

  • Students and/or volunteers will visit members in home while accompanying the individual to activities at the Teapot. 




Heures de travail

Lundi à vendredi:
8h30 - 12h00
13h00 - 16h00

Fermé pour le dîner entre

12h00 - 13h00


Adresse postale

2901, boulevard St Joseph

Lachine, Québec

H8S 4B7

Nous contacter

Téléphone: 514-637-5627

Télécopieur: 514-637-6444